Nepal has been hit by a devastating earthquake and the whole world is trying desperately to save each life that can be saved.  These are dire circumstances and everyone is trying their best to pitch in. I have been frantically following social media collecting earthquake incident reports and  mapping their locations into a crisis management […]

When you receive a new report: Navigate to Search the location of incident in the search bar in right-hand corner of the site. Verify that the report is not already listed If there are no duplicate reports, click “Submit a Report” to enter the new report. Enter the location, and type (tent, water, rescue, etc) […]

Things in Kathmandu are slowly returning to normalcy and that is a good thing. We can’t let the economy stand still for too long. But from the urgent reports we are still getting on, it is very clear that areas far away from the center still require lots of help. We are getting some […]

Negative effect of remittance on Nepal economy

“Everyone has someone in the family abroad. Why would they buy phones from us when they can get iPhones from the US?” complained Angelina Magar, a local electronics shop owner in my locality. Angelina is one of many such shop owners whose business has seen slow, painful decline in the last few years due to […]

Its been six months since I started working as a professional in  the IT industry, In these six months(mainly due to a fatter wallet), I got an opportunity to order and read a lot of great books. As an experiment that turned out really great, I copied good lines from all the books into a […]

This animated short is a powerful depiction of the effect of unemployment on people’s lives. Something really worth noting is the amount of sadness and the lack of hope the artists have been able to show through the eyes. Amazing piece of work. The silence in the movie is daunting. They say, “Silence is the […]

One of the most common phrases one hears nowadays is “There is no such thing as good or bad. Everything is relative.” The most common explanation or rationalization glorifies Hitler for doing what he wanted to do and that “for him, it wasn’t wrong”. In some cases the speaker is either naive or hasn’t really […]

Bollywood and Hollywood are great, but there is a special place for foreign films in my heart and in my DVD collection. Here is a list of my favourites in no particular order: