Full detailed information for Nepalese students for Indian Embassy scholarship

The Indian embassy in Nepal offers several scholarships to Nepalese students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Indian colleges as well as other scholarships in the form of stipends for students studying in Nepal. For those who are eligible to apply for scholarships in India, It is a great opportunity because not only do we get to study in the best colleges in India, where even Indian students have to struggle a lot to get admission, we also get monthly stipends of Rs. 3600 per month for undergraduate (bachelor’s) students and about Rs 5000 for postgraduate(master’s students). The scholarships are available for most mainstream branches like Engineering, Medical and Management. Many people do not know that there are numerous scholarships for subjects like Music, Art and many others.

According to the official website:

Number of Scholarships provided every year: 1783

Scholarships for students who want to study in India

  • COMPEX Nepal Scholarship
    1. B.E./B.Tech : 140 seats
    2. B.Sc(Agriculture) and BVSc(Bachelor’s in Veterinary Science): 12 seats each(total 24)
    3. B.Pharma : 20 seats
    4. B.Sc(Dairy Tech) : 16 seats
  • General Cultural Scheme:
    1. BBA/BBA/Others: 100 seats
    2. Music/Fine Arts: 5 seats
  • Silver Jubilee Scholarship Scheme
    1. MBA/MBA : 120 seats
    2. MSc(Agriculture) : 10 seats
    3. Ph.D : 10 seats
  • Dr. Homi J. Bhaba Scheme
    1. ME/M.Tech: 40 seats
  • Technical Cooperation Scheme (TCS) of the Colombo Plan
    1. integrated training to in-service candidates of GoN/Public Sector nominees of GoN : 35 seats
  • Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC)
    1. similar training to Colombo Plan : 35 seats for Government Of Nepal employees and 75 seats for general Public
  • Under a new scheme, implemented in 2005-06, 10 Nepalese students are provided scholarships for studying in Army Public School, Pithoragarh in India.

Scholarships for Students studying in Nepal

  • The Golden Jubilee Scholarship Scheme
    1. Stipend(Money) for Nepalese students studying MBBS, BE/B.Tech and other undergraduate courses in Nepal : 100 scholarships
    2. Stipend(Money) for Nepalese students studying in Class 11 and 12 in Nepal : 1000 scholarships

NOTE: You have to apply during the first year of study

Mode of Selection

The mode of selection is different for different streams:

  • For engineering, MBBS, B.Pharma and B. Sc, the student has to give an examination which is conducted by the embassy itself. The centres for the exam are located in either Kathmandu or Birgunj. One has to undergo a thorough preparation in order to pass this examination as it is very competitive and tough.
  • For BBA/MBA, a student has to appear for an interview which is conducted inside the premises of the embassy itself. The student’s eligibility for scholarship is judged by his performance during the interview.
  • For Golden Jubilee Scholarships, a student must be poor(i.e. have an annual family income of 100000 or less) and also has to appear for an interview.

I have already passed out from NIT Kurukshetra after studying for four years under the scholarship given by the Indian Embassy. Since it is hard for me to keep updated information about any changes in the scholarships, I would be highly grateful if you can comment on the change so I can update the info.

Update 1: I haven’t updated my blog for a long time and lots of queries seem to have piled up. I am sorry for all the readers who I didn’t reply to. If you want any information about applying for Indian Embassy examinations, please email me at pnt.jjd@gmail.com and I will get back to you.

Update 2: To all the readers who asked questions in the comments but didn’t get a reply from me, I feel bad that I am unable to help you on a personal basis. I have been thinking about how this problem of lack of information can be solved. If you have any suggestions in mind, mail me at pnt.jjd@gmail.com

Update 3: Since my knowledge about the current process is limited, I have created a facebook group where aspiring students can ask specific questions and get answered by a larger audience.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask it on the group and me and my friends will try our best to provide you as many details as we can.



  1. I have secured 54.4% in class11 & 70.4% in class 12 . This % i secured by doing part time job. my parents are too much poor due to this reason i am unable to study in Bachelor level in Engeering .Can i apply Golden Jubilee Scholarships?
    From NEPAL.

    1. Congratulations on successfully passing +2. Yes, you can apply for Golden Jubilee Scholarship from Nepal but you have to be enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree first. If engineering is your only choice, You can’t get any scholarship before actually getting admitted to a college.Keeping your economic condition in mind, I would recommend you to try for Pulchowk and COMPEX(Indian Embassy) exams. If you can crack them, then it won’t be a huge economic burden.

  2. navin karki · · Reply

    hi,i am doing B.B.A from T.U.i m in 7th semester and my Gpa is 3.64.i am planning to apply for silver jubilee scholarship scheme to study MBA in india.After passing my diploma in computer science,i had 2 years gap where i worked and then i join B.B.A.now, i am 24 years old.so,am i eligible for this scholarship?if yes,what are procedures?hoping for your kind reply.

    1. Yes you are eligible. According to the brochure, the advertisement for Silver Jubilee Scholarship is released in November. So, make sure you check the major national dailies everyday during that month and you won’t miss any information. Also keep checking the Indian Embassy website once in a while during that period just in case. They will explain all the procedures in the advert.

    2. Ankit Singh · · Reply

      you can get scholership in our college , & many Nepali students r studing here in different courses . 80% scholarship, surya world 7677704535

    3. Ankit Singh · · Reply

      we will give u scholarship 80% on fee in india ‘s college contact +917677704535

  3. Hira Prasad Seti · · Reply

    when do the exam for all scholorship held?The embassy must give information with-the criterion to get scholorship and the date of exam form distribution center and distribution centre in its blog-webpage and source in net

    1. The exams for different scholarships are held in different months. The details of the scholarship appear in national dailies like Kantipur and Annapurna Post. You should look at the brochure I have shared in the article and check the newspapers, especially during the months mentioned in the brochure for the scholarship of your choice.

  4. I am 11th class rite now , i want to apply for B.E Scholarship wen i finished 12th. So can u please recomend me the books to crack it. And you hav already done it as u said, so let me ask u one thing, how many application are register in each year.

    1. The competition is really tough. When I gave the exam, there were more than 4000 applicants for 70 seats in engineering ( i have heard that now the number has been increased to 140 ). The choice of books isn’t so hard. There are three kinds of books- standard course textbooks, entrance preparation textbooks and summary textbooks(the ones they give at preparation centres). You should have a look at all of them and decide what you are most comfortable with. For me, it was a combination of standard textbooks and summary textbooks that did the trick. The winning combination might be different for you.

    2. reason bhandari · · Reply

      is there any syllabus pattern for entrance?

  5. Have you any idea whether students will be sent to NIT through Indian Embassy this year…i.e…2012

    1. I don’t know. Last year, only those students who had qualified both the COMPEX exam and got a good score on the SAT got an opportunity to go to NITs. So, if you want to come to an NIT, make sure you prepare for the SAT too and get a good score.

      1. but bro they didn’t asked for a SAT score and i haven’t taken a SAT examination. i have been nominated in this years scholarship list, will i get admission in nit

      2. Nihal ansari · ·

        well i dn’t know u neither u too…bt i’m glad 2 c u guyz helpin eachother bt I know abt SAT(Scholastic assessment test) bt 1 thing disbalanced my attention…Is da SAT compulsory required for getin enrolled in india’s reputted colz n univ..such as NIT/IIT .N How does SAT relates wid it?Clearify it bro…my id as filled up above..

  6. hello,Is there any information regarding Silver Jubilee Scholarship Scheme for MBA as i want to apply for it for 2011-2012. please sir i ‘m waiting for your response soon. Can i be provided with the application submittion dates if possible ?

    1. According to the brochure, the advertisement for the Silver Jubilee Scheme is published in November. So, make sure you take a look at least one major national daily everyday starting today. Also, tell your family or friends to remind you if they see anything related to it in the newspaper. I still remember the day my father saw the ad in the newspaper and he told me about the scholarship. All the details will be explained in the ad.All the best!

  7. sir i hav completed bsc. microbio with 71.36% may i eligible to apply for Msc. scholarship? i m also physically disabled any priority there? 120MBA/MCa includes general science like Msc also?

    1. The MSc scholarship is available for MSc.(Agriculture)- 10 seats according to the brochure. I don’t know if your disability will help you. No, the 120 seats are specifically for MBA and MCA.

  8. Sir i hav completed bsc. microbio with 71.36% may i eligible to apply for Msc. scholarship? i m also physically disabled any priority there? 120MBA/MCa includes general science like Msc also?

    1. There are 10 seats for MSc but for MSc(Agriculture) only. The 120 seats are specifically for MBA and MCA only. The Indian Embassy gives a priority to poor students. I am not sure if it gives any priority to physically challenged people. You can contact the embassy through the following website:http://www.indianembassy.org.np/

  9. i have complete my 10+2 with first division 74.3%.i am searching scholarship to do bba through indian embassy scholarship programme.can u provide me any information if u can?n 4rm this marks can i get scholarship for bba?plz reply.

    1. Yes you can. Your marks are perfectly fine. The interview decides everything. Just make sure you talk, dress and act politely during the interview.

  10. Well firstly i would like to congratulate you for getting the scholarship… thank you for creating this useful,informative site,most importantly interactive…

    I’ve just completed my Bba(T.U) with CGPA 3.74…I want ur help regarding the following:
    1.What are the criteria/requirements and the process for getting scholarships for Mba under silver jubilee scheme?

    2.Apart from 5 good enlisted colleges in the brochure…are there any other colleges that indian embassy offers?
    If yes do we first need to get enrolled in such colleges fulfilling their different criterias for admission,before applying for the embassy’s scholarship?

    At last, i would like to wish you all the bests for your bright career…

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I am not sure of the exact criteria for the MBA scholarships but I think that most people can apply for it because the cut-off grades are very low.

      DO NOT trust that the embassy will send you in the colleges mentioned in the brochure. Try to find out where students have been sent in the previous years. Once you have passed the criteria for Indian Embassy exam, you don’t need to fulfill any criteria for a particular college and you don’t need to do anything beforehand.

  11. mahesh shrestha · · Reply

    Can i know about the scholarship for BCA study in Nepal provided by Indian Embassy? Can you share which date will it open?

    1. There isn’t any scholarship for BCA study in Nepal as far as I know. But there is another scholarship scheme I have mentioned in the article which gives a monthly stipend to students studying bachelor’s in Nepal.

  12. thanks 4 reply.
    I have 1 confussion that whether we have too choose colz 1st to select for scholarship or they fix it.and nxt question is if i get scholarship who bears our transportation cost from here to there?can we come back 1c a year?

    1. You have to fill out the choices but usually they give you a college randomly and you can’t choose. If you get the scholarship, you have to pay for the ticket at first but the money is refunded later, usually after 6 months or so.

  13. sir, I have an aggregate percentage of 76 in +2 and 75 in BE.I have applied for Dr.Homi j bhabha scholarship this year.Though it is mentioned in the website of indian embassy that they are providing this scholarship to study at NIT.I recently came to know that they are sending students somewhere else like JNTU. Can you please provide me the list of universities where the students are sent after getting this scholarship?

    1. I’m sorry I do not have such a list. And most probably there is no list. Do not count on the Indian Embassy to send you to any university of your choice. They will send you completely randomly.

  14. kumar prabeen · · Reply

    hey i m doing my bcom this is my last year .after this i need an admission in mba . so pls tell me the procedure to get me the admission ….

    1. The best resource is the Indian Embassy website. Download the brochure and call the Embassy to confirm the dates. All the best.

  15. sory to disturb.but i need your suggestion about the interview.i have been selected for interview bt i have no idea about the question do r going 2 ask.is it related wit academic course or smthing else?plz reply fast.interview date is 7 feb 2012.i m applying GCSS.

  16. I am thinking to study IT in NIT but i have heard that the indian embassy now dont send students in NIT is it true???

  17. hi,i m pravin dubey studing in patna. i m in 12th cls having 67 percent in 11.can i apply this scholarship test
    pls reply in facebook at same id as given above if possible.
    thank you

  18. Bivek singh · · Reply

    What are the last date of submission of forms for dis year? Can i apply for 2 fields(B.E. & Music) n’ get scholarship for both? N’ what abt educationally backward district mentioned by embassay? Should 1 bring some paper from CDO or sm1 lyk dat to prove residence of there or jst fillin district name in form will do? I’ll b waitin 4 ur reply…. Plz, make it fast

  19. bibek kumar gupta · · Reply

    is embassay of kathmandu still sending the selected students to study in NITs or what are the names of colleges or university where the selected students are sent for the course of BE…thank you

  20. Rabin Dhital · · Reply

    When the next engneering exam held?

  21. anuj tiwari · · Reply

    what is the last date for submission n when will exam conducted in nepal for BE scolarship

  22. i m going to give my 12 exam this april when will the next scholarship scheme for MBBS from indian embassy will come or will i ve to wait for January

  23. hi sir ,
    I am a student of 12th . i am doing my 12th in bangalore . i have secured 84 %in 11th and i am preety sure that i will got more tha 85% in 12th . i am doing stateboard . i am trying to take an oppurtunity to take the benifit of scholarship provide by the indian embassy .i dont have english verification citizen ship card . and i am here at bangalore i have to attend my board exams so did i have any life line to get it only the problem is the citizen ship card. for english verification i have to present in nepal so is there any way to get please help me out . is there any way which can done by neplese embassy located at new delhi please infor me as soon as possible ….
    thanking you

  24. Sabin Giri · · Reply

    i am a student doing bbs under Trivuwan university, what are the essential eligibilities for MBA scholarship for me like nepali student?

  25. Sabin Giri · · Reply

    If there is any subjectwise requirement for such scholarship of MBA please reveal it too.

  26. rabindra khadka · · Reply

    dear sir
    i would like to study m.tech or msc.microbiology but due to poor economic condition of my family i couldn’t join this.so if there are any scholarship schemes for nepalese students in these subjects.if u have any idea please send me message.
    wiyh best regards
    rabindra khadka

  27. Respected sir,
    I have given my board exams and i am pretty sure that i will score more than 70%.So i earnestly ruquest you to inform me how will i got the scholarship in National institute of technology and which competative exam i have to give to get admission in bangalore for studying electronics engineering…

  28. hello sir!!i m aarti n currently waiting for the results of 12.i have a keen intrset in textile enginnering n there is no any colleges in nepal for textiles n i have applied for the compex exam 2012 from indian embassy this year. i have secured 74%in 1st year , and due to economic crisis i couldnt afford cost for the study so is it possible dat this examination from indian embassy would help me to do textile enginnering???is this exam preferable for textile enginereing course?

  29. Aaditya Gupta · · Reply

    hello sir,
    Do you have any knowledge about the college offered by Indian embassy for B.E. ?

  30. Pankaj Joshi · · Reply

    what were the colleges sent except NIT(because they demand SAT as u have mentioned above) to the nepali students who applied for BE in Compex exams??

  31. sanjay singh · · Reply

    sir,i am now in 12 class by giving this year exam of 11 class.I am science stream student.I want to do software engenring.My mark in 11 class will come about 50 to 60 percent.But i am sure that i will obtain 85 percent marks in 12 class.Can i apply for scolarship of indian embasy.

  32. Akriti Khanal · · Reply

    hi, i have just completed my +2 from Nepal and I gota 2350 on SAT IIs..( Physics Math I and Math II)…I didnt give chem….regretfully…i hav good score on other subjects….should i be worried? i really would like to go to NIT

  33. Aashish · · Reply

    Dear sir,
    i am studying in 11 class and i m in plan to do the aeronautical engineering but my parents cannot afford it.sir is there any seats availabel for aeonautical enginnering in indian embassy scholarship. And sir please mail me the process required and question types in the indian embassy exams.my mail id : asafal.bass@yahoo.com
    phone number:9779815439082

  34. rupesh shah · · Reply

    hlo is there now any schloarship in india for biotechnology i have just passed 12 th with 76% aggregate so pls rply fast for sept 2012 sesion

  35. saurav agrawal · · Reply

    hlw, i have passed my intermediate and i have to study b.com in india. Is there any qouta for it?

  36. Hello sir, i have completed my bachelor’s in computer engineering , and want to apply for Dr. homi j. bhava scholarship for ME , will you please provide me the details about what should i have to prepare for the scholarship examination(syllabus , books (recommended) etc.. )…. thank you

  37. do they give NIT collages as i was not 17 this year i wasnt elligble for this time exam their is 1year gap so should i do preparation classes what type of collages they give are they the good or bad
    thanking u

  38. how many seats are there for mbbs??is it 100%scholarsip for mbbs? which subjects should we appear for the exam?

  39. Joshi Manoram · · Reply

    Now I’ve just passed +2(Bio-group) & I want to apply for B.Pharm. My aggregate % is 61%. What procedure should I follow?HELP ME.

  40. I have done my SLC from Nepal.i am a nepalese citizen…have done 2 from india and graduation from india.can i apply for silver jubliee scholarship scheme

  41. Do you have any idea..??i couldnot understand whether compex exams are given after the preparation for SAT ? Or whether compex is itself a course..??I am in grade 12, so can i join the preparation classes now??

  42. i am sushila rijal i have no comments but i requsted you sir is that i really want to study bba in my life for that i want your help i want to make my future bright by being honest student and will achive good mark in the level where i am going to get full scholarship

  43. I have completed my BBA with average CGPA of 3.76. My average percent in 10+2 is 70.70%. My family can’t afford for my MBA studies. So can I get scholarships in Indian colleges? if yes, under which scholarship scheme can I get it and what would be the process to get it?

  44. Pralish Joshi · · Reply

    I completed my BBA from Pokhara Univeristy with 3.80 CGPA. I was wondering what is the Procedure to apply for silver jublee scholarship.

  45. Prakash bhandari · · Reply

    Since childhood I have a great choice of study in India. Even I passed my intermediate from UTtarakhand board ramnagar nainitaal, securinh 70% marks but due to my poor economic condition I cant continue it. Than I return back to nepal. Presently +m studying in bbs 2nd yr from TU. When I heard about shoolership facility for nepalese to study in india, im feeling very comfortable but still in confusion. My intention is not only to have MBA degree from same schoolership shame rather I want to do job as well, so plzz kindly tell me about the prosedure for MBA when I get eligibility after passing BBS from tu, and overall eligibility, and job opportunities, with mentioning average salaries::: Im waiting to your positive response:: thank you::

  46. when is this exam held? i mean date of examination for B.E in nepal.

  47. Pradeep Bista · · Reply

    I have passed my BCA degree from Pokhara University in 2011 with 2.58 cgpa out of 4.00 so I want know am i eligible for MCA scholarship? and even I had failed dureing the semester exam. What are the procedure for applying to scholarship for MCA.

  48. caesar shrestha · · Reply

    sir,i have passed ISC with an aggregate of 57.4 percent and i just wanna know if i can participate in the indian embassy exam for nepal for b.pharmacy….

  49. nabin silwal · · Reply

    i am a student of grade 12 currently and after completing 12 i want to study BBA and i want to get scholarship to study. i have to go through only interview or i must do written or oral examination

  50. Sir, ive completed my 12 class with 69% from an indian school and i want to study engineering es. architecture but i’ve not taken mathematics in class 12, can i appear for it?? and whe is ta last deadline for submitting the form?

  51. sir i m nepali , studying in bangalore because of some problem can i fill the indianembassy form…..?can i give the exam.?

  52. narayan sharma · · Reply

    when the sast date of bba scholarship form submit

  53. madan shrestha · · Reply

    is there a seat for bsc in biotechnology?

  54. Hi I ame Sarpharaj khan from banke nepalgung, i have passed my 11 class exam in 47.80persent now readin in 12 class from education side in Government school.but my parents are economically poor. So I’m in circustence now I am leaving my study due to problems but I am a hard labour student but however i want complete mx study. Please help me my contact num is 9804509729 and f.b. Webside khansarpharaj@yahoo.com

  55. Hi,

    My sister shall complete her BBA by next month, we wish to let her study in India under some scholarship. I stay in hyderabad. Please let me know if i can still apply for her somewhere(for a MBA)

  56. Bibek Kumar · · Reply

    sir, I have applied for gcss, when will candidates be called for intervview? ……………………………………………

  57. saurav jha · · Reply

    currently i’m studying in 12th.my question is: do i require a nepalese citizenship while fillin the form for B.E.?how much is the minimum mark required in Mathematics to fill the form?

  58. asmita subedi · · Reply

    i have just done admission on BVSc at rampur.Can i apply for golden jubilee scholarship?Iam really inneed.

  59. Karishma karki · · Reply

    Hi its me karishma karki from biratnagar,Nepal.i am eager to know that what should i do for the scholarship. Now i am studing in class 12 n have secured 65% in grade 11. My father is retired indian army so, for filling the form for the scholarship what should i do? Plz give me full information and help me to get ride off my confussion.

  60. Niraj mandal · · Reply

    exam date of indian embassy in nepal

  61. Ajit Kumar Singh · · Reply

    sir i am a student and i had done BCA in SMU in Sep 2012.what a process to doing MCA through Indian Embassy ? what is eligibilities of MCA in INDIA.

  62. sweta kandu · · Reply

    i am from nepal i am stidying in nepal my parents have citizenship of nepal but i dont hav citizenship due to some reason so please tell me can i apply for indian emabassy for mba? i need quick response thank you…

  63. Shekhar thapaliya · · Reply

    Sir,i am A-level student at university of cambridge International Examination….i have earned
    D in economic
    C in account & business studies
    in 1year[11 class]….what is minimum requirement to get schlorship for BBA next year….when i pass whole A-level please reply soon….thanku

  64. I was finished BBA .IS any subjectwise requirement for such scholarship of MBA .what are the essential eligibility for MBA scholarship

  65. Hello!
    Are nepalese, who have studied in India can apply for these scholarships?

  66. hi every one i m a nepali citizen ,but i study in india since childhood,soo i dont have a idea….pls help me that how nepali student get addmited in NIT India, i heard that SAT score makes a eligibility.which conseltancy help for that and how can i contact them

  67. Hi, I have got scholarship for BCA by indian embassy through Edcil india…I want to know that, what stipned ill get if i leave the hostel..and one this did indian embassy has increased the stipend ? please reply..

  68. Hi, I have got scholarship for BCA by indian embassy through Edcil india…I want to know that, what stipned ill get if i leave the hostel..and did indian embassy has increased the stipend ? please reply..

  69. Pankaj Gupta · · Reply

    Which book should be followed to crack compex exam? Which engineering colleges are offered by Indian Embassy?

  70. Bikesh Shah · · Reply

    sir , may i know the list of colleges provided by indian embassy without giving sat exam? will Birla institute of science and technology(BITS),pilani will be provided or not?
    thank you………..

  71. Pukar Bhandari · · Reply

    How can I prepare for engineering entrance exam 2013 conducted by indian embassy, kathmandu?plz…. reply

  72. Pukar Bhandari · · Reply

    Sir,where can i get engineering entrance preparation books?plz. Reply.

  73. Vivek Singh · · Reply

    Hi… Thanx a lot for creating this useful site. Could you let me know abt the MBBS Colleges that EoI provides or may provide this year and the total no. of seats? Also let me know when is the interview for Ayush Applicants held?

  74. daniel gurung · · Reply

    how I get t he adim card for BE ?
    And I wanna know the date of Indian Embassy BE exam??
    please sir can you help me..??

  75. Im a student of diploma .I have secured 74.40% in diploma …im eligible for complex schoralship which is provide by IE….If their is oppertunity for equivalent plz sir reply me .

  76. […] Full detailed information for Nepalese students for Indian Embassy scholarship. […]

  77. sabita Ghising · · Reply

    here i am studying BBA in 7th semester, affiliated to Pokhara University. Till my CG PA is over 3 … And i am planning to join the MBA too. So in this, can i apply in this for the scholarship. If yes, what are the procedure for it and when ?

  78. Rahul Gupta · · Reply

    Hi All,

    I wanted to apply for silver jubilee scholarship. But I came to know that one must be in Nepal for last 6 months or more to apply for this scholarship. Is that true? Right now I am working in India since a year. What all exams score matters for this scheme. I am planning to give GMAT, can anyone tell what else are required. Also please let me know what is the selection process.

    Thanks and Regards

  79. subash panta · · Reply

    i hav an exam of MBBS by indian embassy exam on 27th april.if i m selected what wil b the allocated cost that i hav to pay til the completion of my course.plz rep me.thank u

  80. karishma · · Reply

    i have recently have given the examination for 12 grade. I am egree to know that when will be the distribution of scholarship form held for retired indian army’s children. Is there any scholarship for B.Arch field.

  81. Bibek sharma · · Reply

    Hello sir,I have recently appeared for class 12 exam and I guess to score 60%…,so can i apply for scholarship exam? And also i would like to ask you will scholarship test for BBA be held in may to july 2013?

  82. I’m a management student.I’ve recenty appeared class 12 exam and waiting for the result.i got 75.4%in class 11 and i hope more than that in class 12.i want to study BBA in india but we can’t afford the high costs..so what should i do?where should i apply for this?And what about the scolarships for BCA?

  83. mithlesh kumar yadav · · Reply

    i secured 51.75% marks in 10th and 68.5% marks in 12th and i am in last semester of my b.tech and i am secured 7.91 cgpa till 7th semester and i want to do m.tech can i apply.

  84. mithlesh kumar yadav · · Reply

    i secured 51.75% marks in 10th and 68.5% marks in 12th and i am in last semester of my b.tech and i am secured 7.91 cgpa till 7th semester and i want to do m.tech can i apply. from nepal

  85. Samip Tripathi. Kavrepalanchok, Thulo parsel V.D.C.- 6 · · Reply

    i want study in banglore for B.E. or B. Tech. (Schoalarshp) can u help me ?

  86. krishna dahal · · Reply

    when did the result of complexexam 2013 will publish?????????can date be fixed????????,?


  87. MERAJ ALI · · Reply


  88. Hari bhattarai · · Reply

    Awesome.,keep it up

    1. Hari bhattarai · · Reply

      Sir, Iam studying bsc in nepal in 1st year and have received golden jubilee scholarship …..is it necessary to submit an application issued by college chief regarding my academic performance at the end of each academic year?….i hope u would reply…

  89. bikashlama · · Reply

    i am studing in grade 12 ,can i apply forthe scholarship .

  90. Uttam Timalsina · · Reply


    1. sujit prajapati · · Reply

      hey uttam , i too got a scholarship this year through compex exams and i’m wondering the same thing. some say you get good colleges and some say you don’t. they say giving sat exams gets you good colleges. i too am freaking confused

  91. Ritikesh jha · · Reply

    What is the proccedure for studying master degree in vetrenary.

  92. Ranjeet sah · · Reply

    sir i have been selected for BE via embassy of india. In which colleges does embassy send for study?? I have heard that they send in bad colleges tooo.Please reply me.I need help..thank u…..

  93. ankit sharma · · Reply

    dear respected member i’ve passed my 11th my % was 56.63 nd i’ve apeared 12th this year.i want to study CA and B.com as corespondance in india ,but the problem arises with me is the financial problem so i kindly request you to watch my problem and if possible handle my request..me ankit sharma from biratnagar.

  94. madan basnet · · Reply

    how to know for which faculty of engineering compex 2013 i have been selected???????????????

  95. ramesh dahal · · Reply

    after slection in compex exam which colz does embassy send. Candidates gets chance to choose colz or not . Please reply me.


  97. Hariom · · Reply

    i have got my name under compex exam 2013 in B.tech on 2nd position….bt i m in dialemma whether i should go for it or not….what type of colez does it send to?iz there any possibility to get NIT?plz help me sir……

  98. Rupesh · · Reply

    Sir i was failled in eleven but now i have passed it with 62% and also got 76% in class 12 can i apply in indian embassy for b.e

  99. ashutosh jha · · Reply

    i m nepali but i n studying in india….at presrnt i am in class 12…can i sit from nepal in indian ambecy exam….i want to do enginearing….and can i apply for any scholarship after getting 70 or 80% in from india..

  100. sandeep · · Reply

    i am a college toper in grade 11.now I am studying in grade 12. I want to study BBA in one of the most reputed college of india through scholarship as my financial condition doesn’t support. I am studying in biratnagar now.what should i do? To whom shall I consult?when will be the exams held?please please please reply

  101. milan malla · · Reply

    i am a student of clas 12 at management feld, i am very keen 2 study bba after my intermediate finished, bt i dont think i cant afford 2 study bba..sothat i would like to have scholership, could u tel me what i must do for scholership?

  102. sangita tiwari · · Reply

    hello! sir’ I am sangita tiwari and i have completed +2 and waiting for the result and in 11 i had got 72% n hope to get more in 12.now i want to apply for the silver jublee scholarship to study bba but i m confused regarding it’s exam n where form is available and many more so could u help me to solve this please!!!!

  103. Abhishek jha · · Reply

    I am a student of mass communication studying in +2 level. In which kind of scholarship should i apply for doing bachelor in mass comm. in India. Plz help.

    1. I am sorry you will have to find that out yourself. Go to the Indian Embassy’s website and check the full list of courses.

  104. sushant lohani · · Reply

    Hi this is CA Sushant Lohani. Better dont opt for MBA scholarships from Indian Embassy. The schools whose Admissions they offer dont feature in Top 50 B-schools in India.

  105. dipesh thapa · · Reply

    can i have a broad information about the colleges or universities where the GOI enroll us after getting a scholarship via indian embassy…and it is for engineering only..

  106. hello ,i resently passed 12,i got 61.% in 11 and 60.% in 12,i wanna study computer science engineering,my family background is poor dad is driver(15000rs) monthly,we live in rent home coz we dont have own house,its very difficult for us,my parents cannot make me study CSE so is there any schoolarship for me either in india or nepal? if nepal then it would be good,am nt that much top student,should i have to pass any exam or do anything?

  107. Durga Dev Gupta · · Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am a student of BBA final Semester(Pokhara University) in Dang.I am physically challenged by leg. But could walk. Please could you suggest me some of full fee waiver scholarship for disables in India and Nepal for MBA study. PLease reply me on durgadevgupta@gmail.com

  108. Loheendra p.k · · Reply

    Respected sir, i am Loheendra p.k from india,kerala[Born in Nepal] now i completed +2 Biology science at kerala with 85% mark.Now i decided return nepa,l so sir i get any considration there, my aim is Mbbs.can you help me

  109. Kumar poudel · · Reply

    Hello sir am kumar from baglung nepal, now i am studying b.e aeronautical engg in india ,its my final year so i am thinking of doing m.tech in aerospace engg ,so how can i get a scholarship to study at reputed colleges in india.mine g.pa is approximately 8.7 ,what i have to do suggest me.i wil be waiting for the reply.

  110. bishesh sharma · · Reply

    hello its me bishesh i got the compex scholorship in be and hv all my certificate with me but it is late to join the collage but until they we didnt get collage..when wiil we get collage and our other frens got collage and they start to read there..hope u wiil response as fast as possible..

  111. sandeep pokhrel · · Reply

    Sir, myself sandeep pokhrel ,lecturer in medical college, would like to join PHD in microbiology.under the scholarship provided by Indian embassay nepal.would you please give me some sugestion.

  112. What is the aggegrate marks or percentage for entrnce exam of indian embassy

  113. siwangi shah · · Reply

    Hello, m student of B-tech final yr. in GREATER NOIDA ,NCR i got to know about this silver jubilee scholarship . M i eligible for this scholarship?

  114. Kapil Bastola · · Reply

    sir now i am in class 12 and after finishing my +2 i want to go to India for my further studies. i want to study software engineering. Can you please give me the name of the Indian colleges where i can be transferred by Indian embassy?

  115. sir i have passed my 12th from cbse boards and secured 83% .i have passed my class ten from hseb board acquiring 80 percent.now my parents have no money left for my further studies .can you help me finding my way to get an scholarship in indian embassy.how should i go on my preparation.?plz help me

  116. rahul kumar yadav · · Reply

    what percentage in +2 is required for scholarship in mbbs in indian embassy

  117. rajesh chaurasia · · Reply

    sorry to inform you guys but the colleges provided by indian embassy are quite not good and are most of the private colleges of south india like sri venkateswara college of andhra pradesh brindaban college of banglore,sona college of tamil nadu.so think of it before properly otherwise you will feel regret after passing out of college

  118. Pradipti Mullmi · · Reply

    Sir I am doing BBA- banking and insurance from Pokhara University. Now i am in 8th semester.Can i apply for MBA Scholarships?

  119. dear sir i have been completed B.E and want to go for MTECH by the scholarship plan as provided by INDIAN EMBASSY TO NEPALI STUDENT,, so may i know how to apply and when the form date will announce

  120. i want to knw all detail infrmation abt nit colz n any other colz lik nit ..pls inform me as much as u can bcoz my brother in 12 want to aplly fr indian embassy n want to knw hw to process fr it n he wanted to study in nit n so on,,,,it will me very helpful if u reply.
    thank u..

  121. mamta sah · · Reply

    hi,bro.I have passed +2 from hseb board and secure 68.7% .i don’t know when the form for B.C.A is distributed.so,can you tell me when?

  122. Nirmal pudasaini · · Reply

    I want to M.tech in government university.when will be the exam for scholarship for 2014 new batch..and please provide the information regarding eligibility for applying(percentage)

  123. haram Khan · · Reply

    any way to get into iit?
    I have 90+ slc percentage
    85+ inter percentage
    and 2200+ in SAT II please reply soon.

  124. pratibha karn · · Reply

    hello sir , i m pratibha karn from jhapa, i have completed my graduation from lpu india punjab, and want to pursue mba from india itself .but i wanna go through indian embassy mba scholarship scheme.i am unable to find any announcement related to mba exam from net i have been surfing on this topic in internet but was unable to find any exact information..its my humble request to u sir please do provide meh some helpful site of any related information regarding this mba exam….heartly thnx for granting your presious time sir..do respond sir.thnk-you

  125. suresh mahato · · Reply

    hello sir i have just completed B.B.A With obtaining 72 %, so. plz can u tell me how can i apply a scholarship form for M.B.A.

  126. Amul ghimire · · Reply

    Sir, i have completed my B.Tech degree from nepal just now and obtained the transcript. I want to apply for homi j bhabha scholarship from indian embassy. What is the selection process? Will there be any entrance or other exam? If yes, where can i find its syllabus? Also what are the priliminary documentation process that I need to complete before applying for the scholarship? Please suggest. Thank you.

  127. sokil thapa · · Reply

    i have desturbance in my study due to lack of money so please help me for my further studies..

  128. bulbul agrawal · · Reply

    sir, i have completed my 12th from dps dharan nd scored 84.6%. Due to some crisiis i was unable to go for my further studies. Can i apply for scholarships in india for BBA??

  129. mukesh jha · · Reply

    sir i have completed my graduation from tribhuvan university securing 49.93 percentage.currently i m preparing for cat exam in india and wil get the result of it by january 2014.i have also given some other entrance exam like xat,cmat and ibsat.now i want fill the form of indian emabassy for silver jublee scholorship for mba.m i eligible for this scholorship?

  130. ashutosh jha · · Reply

    i m nepali but studing in india can i apply for any indian scholorship

  131. ABhishek Jha · · Reply

    I want to study BA LLB in India. In which scholarship i should try in? What are the criteria? Plz inform in a bit detail.
    Thank You.

  132. bijay nepal · · Reply

    what about engineering enttance 2013 & how to apply

  133. mohan gupta · · Reply

    i have secured 70% in 12 can i apply for embassy scholarship?

  134. mohan gupta · · Reply

    i have scored 70% in 12 can i apply for scholarship in indian embassy programme?

  135. rumita maharjan · · Reply

    hi myself rumita maharjan studying in grade 12 mgmt. i didnt know about the scholarship when i was grade 11 after 8-9 mnth one of my friend asked about it but i was not concious then..now i would lik to know about the procedures to be followed to get the scholarship for BBA
    from nepal

  136. sanoj sah · · Reply

    hi i am sanoj sah now i studying in grade 12 management.i don’t know about the scholarship when i was in grade11.my elder brother has said me have you fill up the form then i was socked. then…….now i want to know about the procedures to be followed to get the scholarship for BBA.

  137. Pushpalata Devkota · · Reply

    Hi can you please give me idea about what is the last date of filling form for scholarship program through indian embassy in M pharmacy Ayurveda 2014..? Would be greatful to hear from you .thanks.

  138. Vishmakanta sapkota · · Reply

    I born in poor family…so cant get good education in my life after 11 pass 66.8% …12 maa chai job gardae pad dae garerako 6u ….so can u do anything help me…?? Nd my best choice or aim is only engenearing…to serve in own nation…..

    1. Hi Vishmakanta,
      I really appreciate the effort you are putting into funding your own education. Please continue to look for opportunities to further it.

      I am sorry but I do not have the sufficient resources to help you personally but I recommend you search on the internet and you’ll find plenty of opportunities for students in developing countries like our own.

      Wishing you the best of luck


  139. When will the application form for Indian Embassy 2014 be available ??

  140. Rajni Sah · · Reply

    Indian Embassy ko entrance deena ko laagi kun-kun documents ko aawsakta pa6hola ?? Passport jaruri 6 ??

  141. Ranjesh Sresta · · Reply

    Hii I am studying science in grade 12 now . I m planning to do BE . but I am only 16 years Old . what can I do ???

  142. I want to know about admission which is admited by nepal embassy in other countries.

  143. where should i go for scholarship form of B.E.for indian embassy?and what is the last date to submit it?now i am in 12.so is there any requirement of marksheet?if not what should i submit?

  144. Does students who have appeared for SAT exam have better oppurtunity in Indian Embassy exam??

  145. hello Punit, i just completed my BCA (CGPA 3.63), so i need to apply scholorship for MCA.. can u recommend the books for preparation in Indian Embassy??

  146. Roshan kumar chaudhary · · Reply

    I have passed 57% in 11 class but I was poor in English so, I have taken 37 marks only because I have read in government school But now I laboured too much so, I have secured 68.8% in 12 class. can I apply golden jubilee scholarships?

  147. Pramesh Bajracharya · · Reply

    can i apply for civil or computer engineering scholarships in india.. ..???
    i got 71% in 11 and im in 12th grade now….. what should i do?? It’s quite confusing soo plz help mee…! !!!

  148. what are the brances of engineering that we can apply for in indian embassy???

  149. will indian embassy offer nit college


  151. Aashish Choudhary · · Reply

    Informations here are quite useful.. thankyou..

  152. Akhilesh Kumar Jha · · Reply

    what is the date of exam of Indianembassy.

  153. shaquib · · Reply

    model question paper of compex exam…

  154. santosh · · Reply

    I need syllabus for Indian Embassy’s BE entrance test. quick, please help me out.

  155. Prince khan · · Reply

    hi, my name is prince khan. I want to know ,when will be entrance exam of indian embassy will start in 2071 n how i can start my preparation? Also i had secured 58% in class 11 n waiting for my 12th results.also i want to apply for my schlorship too.

  156. PRATIK · · Reply

    hey I RECENTLY applied for b.vSc. in indian embassy. here you mentioned 12 seats are available but there were only 3 SELECTED names in that subject. 20 seats are mentioned here for b.pharma but i could see only 7 selected candidates. 140 seats are mentioned here for BE but only 130 candidates were selected. HOW IS THAT SO?? CAN YOU PLEASE INFORM ME ABOUT THAT.

  157. Dhruba Raj Regmi · · Reply

    I need to know about mba studies so plz suggest me. ..I m studying chartered accountant currently …but due to various causes I want to stop CA and study MBA…now days mba has been dream for me…I m really interested to join mba in india…I in intermediate level of ca…and also doing bbs frm TU…due to both side studies. .I hadnt give more time in bbs I had just attend exams..I hope I ll secure just above 50% …can I get chance to join scholarships program provided by indian embassy for mba..what are the procedures to b followed. ..plez provide me detsiled information. ..looking forward for ur response. …

  158. Sandhya Shrestha · · Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am a student of BBA from pokhara university after completing my bachelor i want to apply for scholarship (MBA). So what are the criteria for selection and i also have to study any course for xam preparation so i could b prepared from now.
    Thank U!

  159. what are the scholarship given?

  160. Niranjan karki · · Reply

    I want to know what sorts of scholorship is being provided by Indian Embassy to the Nepalese students studing CA in India. I would like to get the detailed information about the terms and condition to get scholorship. How many seats are offered? And what sorts of universities are providing education? To get scholorship from Indian Embassy to study CA in India, where do Nepalese students have to consult? and what are other conditions? I would be glad to receive all these informations and thankfull to Indian Ambassy as well.

  161. jayant · · Reply

    I wanted to know tht when will we get the letter from the embassy for studying in india for. The year 2014

  162. sagun bhattarai · · Reply

    is there aeronautical engineering course provided by indian embassy i wud like to give complex exams if there is ??

  163. Babay what the fuck noone is replying

  164. i have completed my +2 level. my % is 70 at 11 but i got just 58 in maths and now i got 85 at 12 with percentage 75.8 .i am willing for complex nepal scholarship test at Indian embassy .can i apply for it ? is my mark elligle for indian embassy. i have only doubt in maths bcoz i can’t cross 60+ marks in 11 class but i got 85 in 12 class at maths. plz tell me. other subjects marks are over 60 in +2 but only class 11 maths keep me in doubt?? plz tell me plz

  165. alina bista · · Reply

    I want to know about the scheme through which I can apply for the bba and can I be provided application submission dates for bba n whole schlorship advantage?

  166. hi i m prabesh bajracharya and going to join BIM of TU and hav brought 85.37% in SLC and 77.6% in clss 11 and 12 result waiting ……..can i get scholarship?
    if yes how?
    plz reply the details as ssoon as possible

  167. i may study bba also so plz sugges me for scholarships
    date of form opening
    where to take form?
    when entrance and all plzzzzzzzz

  168. Himmat Bhusal · · Reply

    Hi ! Im Himmat Bhusal from kapilvastu Nepal.Im a person of poor family, i studied till slc by helping of my family very difficultly.. After that i studied 11 & 12 by getting scholarship from indian embassy.. I also did part time job at study of class 11 & 12. My result of 12 is coming soon ..i hope i will secure 65% at 12. I want to study BBA but its not possible without any others help.. So if I get scholarship from india i will study properly & want to make carrer good………… Plz reply me ……………. Im waiting for ur possitive reply…….

  169. jitendra kumar yadav · · Reply

    I am in b tech 7th sem ECE student. I want to know , is any seats in IIT for Nepalese students . If a have been cracks gate please tell …….,

  170. I have secured 65% in
    class11 & 57% in class
    12 . This % i secured by
    doing part time job. my
    parents are too much
    poor due to this reason i
    am unable to study in
    Bachelor level. can I get form of indian embassay

  171. I have secured 65% in
    class11 & 57% in class
    12 . This % i secured by
    doing part time job. my
    parents are too much
    poor due to this reason i
    am unable to study in
    Bachelor level in
    Engeering .Can i get forn of indian embassay for BBA ?

  172. ajay sah · · Reply

    sr i m nepalise stident i m doing my BBA from panjab univesity chandigar. so how i can apply for MBA scholorsip.

  173. hello sir! Can you provide me the syllabus for BE entrance in Indian embassy exam? This will help me to reach my target to get scholarship.

  174. ravindra · · Reply

    sir i passed BBS only third divsion from TU University ,than i came INDIA GURGAON I Want to join M.com sir can u advice name of indian collage sir

  175. I am currently doing my ca final from icai. I completed my 2 in 2010. Now i am looking to join ba in mathematics in nepal. So i was wondering whether i am eligible for golden jubllie schlorship or not. Thanks in advance……

  176. akalesh kumar · · Reply

    what i the date of exam of indianembassy for m.tech.

  177. i have completed +2 from science stream with aggregate marks of 73.6 n i planned to apply for general cultural schlolarship scheme in bba. so when will the form open n should i have to give entrance exam or only i have to go through interview…pllz tell me

  178. piyush karn · · Reply

    can I apply in NIT without attending Indian embassy entrance exam becoz I have not that eligibility which embassy required!!! and my +2 marks is also not too gud just 50%…..if I secure gud score in SAT then I can apply or not????
    please send me your reply as soon as possible!!!!

  179. pradeep acharya · · Reply

    what are the minimun required doccument to fill up form and to attend exam untill when we can fill up the form

  180. chandan singh · · Reply

    bro can u jst tell the syllabus for compex exam taken by indian embssy….

  181. Sir I am an Nepalese student and I have completed B.Tech. in civil engg.( session 2010-14) from private college now I want to take addmission in M.tech. from NIT/IIT .Please tell me sir what is the process to take addmission in m.tech.from nit/iit

  182. When the indian embessy is going to held the entrance exam for B .E schlorship.

  183. sir.. i have passed +2 with aggregate 76% in hseb exam in science stream….and i want 2apply india for b.sc ag..
    plz can i know ..what are scholarship exam for it?? and is the entrance exam of india same as that of nepal?? and syllables is same or not??

  184. Aashish mishra · · Reply

    hii sir me student of b.tech 4th nd nd i maintain abt 70 prcnt mark so can u suggest me what is best opportunity to get admission in M.tech,tcs or Itec give its detail procedure .or suggest somethng plzz

  185. Pragya Khadka · · Reply

    Sir,What are the engineering courses provided by Indian embassy to Nepalese students?

  186. Nitesh sah · · Reply

    i have aggregate 60% mark in math.
    But there is only 32 marks in math in class 12.In class 11 i have secured 89 marks.
    and leaving math i have secured more than 70% mark in all subject.can i apply for BE scholarship.
    and plz tell me how many seats are there for BE scholarship 2015??

  187. kumareminem531@gmail.com · · Reply

    hi i have passed my class 12 from cbse board n have secured 81% can i apply for scholarship can u tell me wat is the total no of seats or scholarships bein provided by embassy for medical students

  188. I am Nepali citizenship, But studying in Indian school from CBSE board 10+2 medical stream.
    Now I want to MBBS from Indian University’s,
    How to I, join MBBS Scholarship in University, kindly help me my Facebook id is awishkar.sharma.54@facebook.com. and contact e-mail id is khyamprasad67@yahoo.com.

  189. hye.i’am doing bba of PU now i’m in 7 th sem i’ ve to apply in indian embasy for scolorship for Mba..plzz can u help me for how i ve to apply 4 escolorship???

  190. samiksha · · Reply

    when will form open for entrance exam of golden jubilee scholar scheme?

  191. sagar singh · · Reply

    sir?does IE provides full schlorship in engineering in india?

  192. nabin gaire · · Reply

    sir is the birth certificate most necessary to fill the form for engineering in indian embassy I am going to fill d form plz rep me fast

  193. Sajish niraula · · Reply

    Is there any scholaship for c.a in india..??? Rply soon…

  194. Ritesh mishra · · Reply

    I want to study BHM …IN INDIA . HOW WILL I APPLY .

  195. lakshydeep vikram sah · · Reply

    If I have an aim to do C.A after S.L.C,then is there any scholarsip form for it ?

  196. mohan kasaudhan · · Reply

    i want to know .
    when will indian embassy exam 2015 held ?

  197. Yadav thopra · · Reply

    I had passed 10+2 from India having subject pure science and i got 54.7 % and iam citizenship of nepal. So is there any oppertunity to further study in Indina form scholership

  198. Bikrant pratap singh · · Reply

    i want scholarship form for class Xl

  199. Bikrant pratap singh · · Reply

    i want scholarship form

  200. Shekhar kumar · · Reply

    i have passed my 11 with 63% and scored 43 mark in maths .And i have given 12 exam this year can i give indian embassy scholarship exam for BE

  201. Sanjay · · Reply

    Hlo sir,I have completed 3 years diploma course in civil engineering in nepal..Later,carrying dream of studying BE, I started entrance preparation .But due to economic problem, I left for dubai to work as a security guard.And iam still in dubai just completed 1.5 yrs.But I could not collect money for study because I have to pay some debts.That’s why,If you have any idea about scholarship either in nepal or India for BE, then pls inform me.(gosanjayshrestha@gmail.com).

  202. Tirtha Ojha · · Reply

    hi i am Hem Raj Binadi,I had been passed +2 1’st year in first division and waiting for a 2’nd year result. I can apply in BBA scholorship.

  203. jitendra yadav · · Reply

    sir , I am study BBA in India from utu ( 3 year ).
    How much value in Nepal .

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