A list of websites I like

Here’s a list of great websites I visit when I am bored. Facebook and Youtube are not always the answer…one gets bored using the same websites.
The websites are not arranged according to any ratings and are very few, so you can view them all in a short time


One of the most amazing websites I have ever discovered on the web. You can use it to find the best of the web without having to search for anything. Keeps me updated on the various happenings around the world without much hassle.


One of my favourite websites, TED started out as a yearly conference in California where people from different walks of life shared their ideas.Through TED,not only do I have a great passtime, I also get to watch people share their ideas and experiences. The speakers are just too amazing. You gotta try this one out. I have also written another post fully dedicated to TED.com.


When you want to know the meaning of a word, why look in the Oxford dictionary when you have the option of a much more practical dictionary which gives you an insight into how the word is used in common spoken language rather than the formal English, which I feel can sometimes become quite boring. It can also help you to understand the real meaning of some words in different situations. If you want an example, go to the website and type in “nice”. You will find meanings you would have never imagined before.
I was completely shocked to find the meaning of “Dattebayo”, which turned out to be a word with no meaning used by NARUTO .


A very recent finding for me, jimmyr.com is the best website ever with all the important updates from different websites jampacked in a single page.


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