A stupid ad by dove(evolution)

Recently, I saw an ad by dove on youtube.

After watching the video, I couldn’t help but wonder about how these multinational companies will do anything to try and change our perception of the products they sell. For example, if dove’s corporate policy is to truly enhance natural beauty, then how does it explain all the models that appeared in its ad till date?

And the more important thing, why would they start off with a girl with such unattractive skin when there are so many beautiful girls with beautiful skin out there. I mean, what is dove trying to prove? that all the other companies are doing all this and they are a company that stands out and CARES for its consumers? BULLSHIT!!!!!!

Its no surprise I found a bunch of great parodies on youtube (A parody is a piece of writing, music or video that deliberately copies another work in a comic or satirical way.)

this one’s my favourite

And this is what natural beauty is all about


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