Hollywood vs gaming industry

The world is fast changing and movies and computer games are no exception. With newer and better technologies emerging everyday, the way we see the world around us is fast changing.

But when we compare these two industries, it is quite clear that computer games are getting better and better at a much much faster rate than movies.

I will prove this through a simple fact, good movies like THE GODFATHER, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, PULP FICTiON, FOREST GUMP etc. etc. which were released way back in the early 1990’s are still as watchable as the movies released today. But try to imagine how the games of that time might have looked like. I still remember playing one of the most popular games of that time, (it was called SKIFREE or something like that ) at a friend’s house. Yes, we enjoyed playing those games at that time. But imagine playing them today! And look at the games that come to the markets today. With realistic 3D effects and great storylines and gameplay, a good computer game can get you engaged for days compared to the 2 hours of  a movie. Movies like AVATAR, KUNG FU PANDA are integrating movies with  the 3D experience just like games but they stilllag behind because we still feel more involved while playing a game than while watching a movie. Also, believe it or not, the cost of making a high budget game is much below that of making a high budget movie.


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