I have 20 supplees, I make the datesheet

They say NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier institutions of the country. They say that it is an Institute of National Importance. May be that is true. But if this is true, then I can safely say that India has no right to call itself a growing educational hub.
I don’t think there is any institution with a more screwed up academic policy in the whole world. Where else in the world do we have supplementary papers on the same dates as regular papers? Where else does the complaint of one student who had a clash of supplees on a particular date force the administration to postpone the exam by 10 days. It was one student vs a thousand, but the administration listened to the guy with the supplee. Are our teachers too lazy to make separate supplee question papers or they are too ignorant? It has been more than a month of gruelling back to back exams. Everyone is tired and so am I. Now they are saying that the practical examinations are also going to be postponed. That will mean that we will get about a week of end-sem holidays. If the students go on strike and get the holidays, which they surely will, it will be a disaster. We will come to the college in a situation where we will have 3 months to study, prepare and appear for the exams and participate in the fests. A person with supplees can very conveniently control the whole examination datesheet for all the students of the college. Also, as in any other institution, there are students who have supplees in all 4 years in many subjects. The examination datesheet is made so that such a student can give one exam per day. And the laborious ones who clear all their subjects on time, suffer.


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