Pop up-0 Pop under-1

With every browser starting to block pop-ups a new method of advertisements seems to have emerged in the world wide web. Very conveniently called pop-unders they have become a usual sight on many websites mainly because:-
1.Most browsers today have built-in addons to block pop-ups.
2.Pop-unders do not disturb the user while they are working. A simple flash lets the user know that an advertisement has been opened. He can choose to minimize his current firefox window and watch the advertisement or ignore it until his work his done. Till then the ad will stay quietly under the main browser window, waiting for it to be closed.

Advertisement companies have realized that you cannot afford to disturb the internet user everytime they enter a website which shows ads. I still remember the days when everytime I clicked on a link, a whole bunch of irritating pop-ups came up and I had to close them one by one so that I could get on with my work. 🙂


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