Facebook is going down!

Google has finally publicly declared its own social networking site- Google Plus. Facebook’s problems are now going to grow because, simply speaking, its competitor this time is Google. It was only a matter of time before google came up with a social networking site after the explosion of facebook.

google plus released

From the look of it, google plus has learnt a lot from facebook. Its top priority seems to divide all your ‘friends’ into groups it calls circles where you can choose what each circle can see. Although this feature was also there on facebook, I felt it was too difficult and boring to use coz one had to painstakingly choose friends one by one to make sure that people can see only what you want them to see. And you couldn’t choose specific statuses for specific people. For example, you may be posting something pretty general which you won’t mind everyone watching or something very intimate which you want only a handful of your closest friends to see. On facebook, you would have to choose the group of friends on both occasions. I really hope google plus includes this feature of just choosing a circle of friends for each status, post, photo etc.

Another big advantage that google has is probably the one which google has always used in a great way. One of the reasons google has flourished and grown so much is its ability to launch new products so smoothly using the same google account. I’m not sure whether google will employ the same google accounts for its networking site but it is obviously a great temptation.

The special focus google is giving to the ‘interests’ section also seems to be very well planned. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s complaining that facebook is getting a bit boring. Google seems to be trying to spice it up a little by making sure you can spend a lot of time on the site doing something productive according to your interests instead of wasting your time reading about what other people are doing and senselessly staying logged into facebook for hours just because you have nothing else to do.


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