Top Ten memes on the internet

I came across the site a few months back and I have to admit, at one time, I got so addicted to it that it became the first site I opened everytime I got connected to the internet. My favourite posts on 9gag are the ones having funny, badly drawn cartoons called memes which appeared in many posts. After a few days, I realized that these pictures were reused very often to convey different messages in hilarious ways.I looked up google and found that they are widespread all over the internet. Since that day, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of hilarious pictures on the net which have these memes. Here’s a list of the top ten memes:
1. Me gusta
me gusta meme

Me gusta is undoubtebly among the top 3 memes on the internet right now. Usually used to show sexually embarrasing conditions, it is one of the most creatively used memes. ME GUSTA literally means “I like it” in Spanish.

2. Trollface

trollface problem
The trollface is a funny meme that can make any scenario totally hilarious. It is mostly used in situations where a dirty or naughty act has to be shown to be innocent. It is usually captioned with the question Problem??.

3. Y U NO
Why You No
Frustrated at the imperfectness of the world? Here’s the meme for you? The ‘Why You No’ is the extremely frustrated and angry guy who so desperately wants to change the ways of the world.

4. Derp and Derpina(fffuuuuu)
Ah! The derp guy. One of my favourites! Used to show anger and dissapointment in situations where nothing goes right, it is one of the most familiar memes. Plus it also has a female version, derpina, which is equally funny, if not funnier.

5.Forever alone
forever alone meme
One of the lesser known memes, forever alone is used in situations where a person is to be shown to have no good friends. If you don’t understand, just look at the expression on the face of a geek when you ask him who his best friend is.

6. Fap Fap guy
fap fap guy
The fap fap guy is a vital meme because of it relates to the embarrassing things we do in life. The picture is self-explanatory enough.

7. Okay guy
OK meme
The poor okay guy is the unconfident, self-deprecating guy who will agree to everything, not because he wants to, but because he is too weak. We can see lots of characters like these in real life too.

8. Challenge accepted

Challenge Accepted meme
Yap, you guessed it right! This Barney Stinson inspired meme signals two things-a ridiculous act and an oncoming hilarious situation.

9.Cereal guy
cereal guy meme
The cereal guy meme is often used to assert an idea or to make accusations on other characters. It is on many cases followed by the OK guy.

10. Inglip
Inglip meme 9gag
Inglip is perhaps one of the most commonly used memes. It is used to show strong surprise and anger at the same time.



  1. I think the Y U No guy is hilarious. Me gusta rocks too

  2. i found that is a funny site

  3. this was helpful,,, i used to woder why so diffrent memes are there,,, now i see they are used to descibe diffrent situations,,,

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