Punishment for the real criminals of the world

The whole world today is talking about terrorism. Even though Osama Bin Laden has been killed(at what cost?), the fear of terrorism still looms over our heads. And why wouldn’t it?

A terrorist attack is sudden, random and unforgiving.

At least you can blame your genes or your diet when you know you are going to die of diabetes. But terrorism is different. Although comparatively a very small portion of people die due to terrorism compared to diseases and natural calamities, the money the world spends on fighting terrorism is justified because of the sheer effect it has on the general public. But because of the excess focus the media and crime-controlling organizations gives to these “murdering terrorists”, another class of terrorists is able to remain active every second and their effect on our lives is far greater than the effect of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden.

The class of terrorists I am talking about is the group of white-collar criminals who lie, who cheat and who steal our money. This is the most under-rated criminal group in the world and its about time people realized that they need to be controlled. Otherwise, events like the global recession of 2008 will happen again and again.

I find it really funny that everyone talks about hanging Kasaab, who killed 20-odd people but nobody talks about hanging people like Larry Summers and Alan Greenspan who caused a global recession rendering millions of people jobless, homeless and hungry but are still reappointed as leaders of the institutions that control the world economy. How can people like these be left out in the open? They are bloody killers and deserve the same punishment as terrorists like Kasaab.

When will the day come when we will stop taking white-collar crime lightly and the punishments for such crimes will be in par with crimes like murder and rape? I hope that day comes quickly enough.


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  1. Aniruddha. · · Reply

    Just stumbled upon your blog following the chocolates and wrapper problem. I just wanted to comment on this post. What you say is absolutely true but the fact still remains that we have yet to adopt a strict and immediate punishment mechanism for murders, rapes and other gruesome crimes. Lets look at the fact that a terrorist like Kasab has still not been punished for his crime caught on various cameras. People perpetrating financial frauds are at par with other crimes when it comes to the degree of the crime. I totally agree with you.

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