Trollface a.k.a coolface


trollface a.k.a coolface

The trollface is said to have originated from a webcomic by a DeviantArt user named Whynne. The word “trollface” comes from the noun “troll” or the verb “trolling”.

“Troll” was initially used to represent a group of users on the internet who would post satirical comments on sites like youtube and 4chan. These are the people who usually have the highest likes on comments they post on the Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black videos on youtube. While some websites understandably do their best to get rid of these trolls, websites like youtube actually benefit from these people because they help engage the users on the site. But as with many words in the English language, the meaning of the word gradually expanded to include any person who creates humour by making satirical comments.

The trollface is undoubtebly one of the best rage-guy memes on the internet because of its versatility. It is like the Mr. Bean of the internet, the very appearance of it gives an indication that something funny is going to come up.


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