Facebook’s latest privacy disaster!

Facebook wants to help parents spy on their kids. With a few clicks you can watch everything that two people share with each other by using the “See Friendship” option. Before, you could only see the friendship between you and a facebook friend. But now you can see the friendship between any two people.

Here’s how it works.

  • Click on any “See Friendship” button at the end of posts on your homepage. It doesn’t matter whose profile you end up in.
  • Now look at the right side of the page.facebook privacy disaster see friendship option between any two people By filling the two text boxes with any of your two friends, you can now see their friendship.

Out of the many features that facebook offers to its users, this one is perhaps one of the most difficult to understand for me. Maybe to some people, it might be fun to see how they and a friend have been interacting with each other, just to relive old memories, but allowing users to watch the friendship between two friends is a major privacy disaster. It will promote unnecessay meddling in other people’s private matters. Facebook is being very careless with its privacy issues these days and if this goes on, facebook users might look to google+ for a more exclusive social networking experience.


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