My favourite facebook comment pics

accha give that man 10 kilo pyaaj like sinister childwho gives a fuck whaaaaaaaaaaat toh main nachu squidward nobody cares meri taraf se do likes Obama-bitch-please oh my god who the hell cares sarcasm look son a moron lo ab angoor khao likes like i dont care I-See-What-You-Did-There. iss post ki CBI jaanch honi chahiye itna samajhdar kabse ho gaya re tu house facepalm he's right you know haan ye toh hai get a room bachho isi ko chutiya kehte hain congree chor hai dangerous woman explain this shit 1239585_587438811297871_955940684_n aisa mazak mujhe achha nahi lagta amrish puri 1236388_562214060505496_1029835174_n 1209328_604885462897750_326667682_n 1150239_207697916061182_306921718_n 1003495_207310156099958_285945489_n 943716_204580866372887_528970264_n 954775_206968789467428_971763443_n 1000859_204596343038006_589202892_n 557473_627358057294975_400675509_a


One comment

  1. Funny pic.. Make me n othrs happy..

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