The Unemployment – Short Animation

This animated short is a powerful depiction of the effect of unemployment on people’s lives. Something really worth noting is the amount of sadness and the lack of hope the artists have been able to show through the eyes. Amazing piece of work.

The Unemployment

The silence in the movie is daunting. They say, “Silence is the loudest cry.” Everyday on my way to work, I see scores of graduates waiting in line outside the tech companies, waiting for the job that will make (their?) dreams come true. I’ve never seen them talking. All they do is wait.



Unemployment among graduates is especially sad because if someone cannot get a job after 20 years of education, it is a sign that the education system has failed to provide students the skills they need to be valuable.

The media is only interested in the IITian who Facebook, Google and Twitter are fighting over. Nobody cares about the college graduate who has applied in ten companies and still hasn’t got a job in one. Nobody is listening to the story of old parents who have put all their savings to send their children to an engineering college and are now realizing that they made a bad investment.






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