A Message to #NepalEarthquake volunteers – start taking notes

Nepal has been hit by a devastating earthquake and the whole world is trying desperately to save each life that can be saved.  These are dire circumstances and everyone is trying their best to pitch in.

I have been frantically following social media collecting earthquake incident reports and  mapping their locations into a crisis management platform called Ushahidi that was used during the Haiti Earthquake.

This work required me to join every group,  every community and every collaborative document I could find on the internet to scourge for incident reports. This has been very demanding work and I have had to tell the creative part of me to shut the fuck up so that I could get in as much data as I could.

But whenever I have had time to reflect on how I could have done my work better,  whenever I had ideas cross my mind,  and whenever people around me came up with ideas so brilliant that I wanted to give them a big hug,  I have been carefully documenting them in google keep,  a note taking android app.

These are desperate times, but consider this,  it might not be the last time we have to lose everything and start over.

Each and every volunteer,  doctor,  armyman and coordinator is learning vital lessons about managing disaster situations as they work each day. While the experience will never be forgotten,  the knowledge will fade away.

This is why I urge each one of you to start taking notes of your experiences,  ideas and mistakes.  You can write it on a piece of paper,  a notebook, on your laptop or use a note-taking app on your phone.  But write! 

And when the dust clears,  share your story with the world, the notes you write will give you the plot and enable you to put things in perspective. 

The collective knowledge will help us make a better world where disaster doesn’t always have to lead to so much suffering. 


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