How to report #NepalEarthquake incidents on

When you receive a new report:

  1. Navigate to

  1. Search the location of incident in the search bar in right-hand corner of the site.

  1. Verify that the report is not already listed

  1. If there are no duplicate reports, click “Submit a Report” to enter the new report.

  1. Enter the location, and type (tent, water, rescue, etc) of need in the Title.

  1. Provide the description, or a link to the social media post in Description

  1. Under categories, select the kind of need required:

        a. Earthquake Damage – Damage that still requires rescue work and/or pictures of                         damage

        b. People Trapped – If people are trapped under rubble and need to be evacuated

        c. Blocked roads

d. Shelter Area – If there are medical services or relief camps where people can go to get help. You can further select the sub-category

        e. Help Needed – If help is needed anywhere ex food/water/tent/medical-help, etc. You                 can select sub-category as well.

        f. Distribution Area – Any camps where food, water, tent or any other services are being offered to earthquake survivors.

  1. Find Location – follow these steps:

a. Search based on the location provided in the post.

        b. If the location cannot be found, navigate to google maps and search the location

        c. If found, right click (in windows) and click (in mac) to pinpoint the location . This will                         give you the coordinates (latitude, longitude). Copy this location.

        d. Navigate back to tab, and enter the co-ordinates in Find Location

        e. Site will pull up the location name. If the name is not accurate, and you have the exact name, you can update the Location Name. This is optional. The co-ordinates will provide the exact location for anyone checking the map.

f. If you cannot find the location in google maps either, for example if you are looking for Kothe VDC in Sindhupalchowk, enter the city, region, district instead i.e Sindhupalchowk in this case. Alternatively, if you know that Kothe VDC is near Khopasi, and you can find Khopasi, enter this VDC instead.

g. Use location accuracy dropdown to indicate the accuracy of the location. Example, if         you found the exact location, choose exact location; if you only found the VDC or ward, choose that; if you only found a nearby city/village or landmark, choose approximate distance between your location of interest and the location provided (eg. 50km, 10km).

h. If any contact information is provided, enter under Phone Number (also include it in description). This will help in the verification and relief process.

i. No need for name, email, etc.

j. If any pictures are provided, click Upload Pictures to upload the files. Click “plus” icon next to Choose File to upload more than one picture.

k. Review and enter “Submit” to submit the report for approval and verification.


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