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Foreign Films: My Recommendations

Bollywood and Hollywood are great, but there is a special place for foreign films in my heart and in my DVD collection. Here is a list of my favourites in no particular order:       Advertisements

My favourite facebook comment pics

A list of my favourite emoticons

I love emoticons. To the point that I copy paste them to a small text file every time I see a new one that I like. Today, I am going to share my collection with the world. There are probably many sites fully dedicated to these but this is a collection of my favourites. 1. […]

Facebook’s latest privacy disaster!

Facebook wants to help parents spy on their kids. With a few clicks you can watch everything that two people share with each other by using the “See Friendship” option. Before, you could only see the friendship between you and a facebook friend. But now you can see the friendship between any two people. Here’s […]