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How to report #NepalEarthquake incidents on

When you receive a new report: Navigate to Search the location of incident in the search bar in right-hand corner of the site. Verify that the report is not already listed If there are no duplicate reports, click “Submit a Report” to enter the new report. Enter the location, and type (tent, water, rescue, etc) […]

If you want to help in #NepalEarthquake, you need to read this

Things in Kathmandu are slowly returning to normalcy and that is a good thing. We can’t let the economy stand still for too long. But from the urgent reports we are still getting on, it is very clear that areas far away from the center still require lots of help. We are getting some […]

Defining India in one sentence

For a long time, I have been trying to get my head around this strange country called India. A country where penury and prosperity co-exist, it is an enigma like no other. Volumes and volumes of books have been written about this country. As yoga, Bollywood and software put India back on the world’s cultural and […]

Why I wear slippers to work

It started in college. Scorching heat. Temperatures around 45 degrees Celsius. A 20 minute walk from the hostel to class. No shade. This was the way of life at NIT Kurukshetra. Somehow, the administration didn’t think it worth their while to spend some time planting trees on the sides of the road or put up […]

How ragging in colleges works

Here’s a small experiment that was done to understand human psychology. It shows beautifully how we adhere to dogmas and keep getting beaten down by the consequences without realizing that there is nothing to stop us. Start with a cage containing five apes. In the cage, hang a banana on a string and put stairs […]

Is social entrepreneurship different from general entrepreneurship? I don’t think so.

It is festival time and ALTIUS 2011, a national techno-cultural of my college, NIT Kurukshetra is in full swing. I was really excited about an event called PRAYATTN, which was being organized to promote social entrepreneurship among the students. The prize money was really high so many people worked day in and day out to […]

Financial IQ: Derivatives

Everyone in the world wants to be safe. There’s no world war but people are scared for their loved ones who go to work everyday to bring food to the plate. The enemy is not another country, it is a broken financial system which has recessions and booms in its very roots. Due to lack […]

A weekend in the summer capital of the British(Part 1)

Sidhave sheikh Ka’abe ko, hum to Englishtan jayenge; Wo dekhe ghar khuda ka, hum khuda ki shaan dekhenge. (Let the devout sheikh go to Ka’aba, I will go to England; Let him watch God’s home, I will watch God’s glory.) This couplet from Akbar Ilahabadi pretty much sums up the mood of three friends on […]

Trollface a.k.a coolface

The trollface is said to have originated from a webcomic by a DeviantArt user named Whynne. The word “trollface” comes from the noun “troll” or the verb “trolling”. “Troll” was initially used to represent a group of users on the internet who would post satirical comments on sites like youtube and 4chan. These are the […]


I recently bought a new phone: SAMSUNG CORBY TXT. Its really nice and has all the features of a good multimedia phone. Plus its not that expensive too 🙂 I have been enjoying texting my friends using its qwerty keypad but felt so stupid today when I learnt that the word QWERTY acutally comes from […]