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  1. Bishal upreti · · Reply

    I am Mr Bishal upreti reading in Grade12. I want to join mbbs course in future. Is there any package for student having low economic status? As, I am from sarlahi and intrested to pick up my carrier in india. shall i get oppurtunity to give any exam held by embassy.

  2. I m kesav subedi from birgunj i wan 2 read BE in india in NIT ,TIRCHY
    i m from poor family so how i can get opportunity for scholarship in reading there
    n when wil entrance exam held ? Pleas help me in mobile no. 9845544124

  3. SAPNA GUPTA · · Reply

    hi its me sapna gupta from kalaiya and currently studying in birgunj i sc second year want to study in scholARS SHIP IN INDIA SO CAN U HELP …9845395607

  4. pooja shrestha · · Reply

    respected sir ,
    iam really that you have helped out so much needy and deserving student . i would also like to be part of your great education path . could you inform me the entrance datesheet , form for applying admission in your academy . i want to join BCA. I hope you will help me out. yoir obedient student
    pooja shresth

  5. Bishal pant · · Reply

    I m from hilly region but i m unable to study in other country because my family status is not so strong can i get a chance to prove myself

  6. kalpana · · Reply

    I am from kathmandu ….. I want to study IT in India….where and which college can i go to that my parents can afort

  7. can u give the logic requried for this question in java or c The first line contains the number of test cases T(<=1000).
    T lines follow, each of which contains three integers N, C and M

    Output Format:
    Print the total number of chocolates Bob eats.


  8. Ramesh Bashyal · · Reply

    sir I am still at class 12 bt I am unable to know how much money requires to complete aeronatical engineering in Delhi. .abot schollership. .how to appr?? plz tell me in details. ..if possible plz give ur private number .I want to get full information. .n also if we do not success in entrance can I study..plzzzzz

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