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How to put memes and other pictures in facebook chat

There’s a new feature in facebook using which you can put pictures of popular memes like “Me gusta“, “Trollface” etc. on facebook chat. Ever since the rise of memes and the increasing popularity of sites like 9gag, facebook users have wanted to do this and now its possible. Its very easy. Just copy and paste […]

Me gusta

Me gusta is among the most famous memes on the internet for a reason. The word “Me gusta” literally means “I like it” in Spanish. Originally posted by Matt Oswald on deviantart, the meme quickly grew through sites like reddit and 4chan. The feeling I get when I this distorted face meme is that of […]

Trollface a.k.a coolface

The trollface is said to have originated from a webcomic by a DeviantArt user named Whynne. The word “trollface” comes from the noun “troll” or the verb “trolling”. “Troll” was initially used to represent a group of users on the internet who would post satirical comments on sites like youtube and 4chan. These are the […]

Rage guy meme facebook tag picture

rage guy emotions without words

Top Ten memes on the internet

I came across the site 9gag.com a few months back and I have to admit, at one time, I got so addicted to it that it became the first site I opened everytime I got connected to the internet. My favourite posts on 9gag are the ones having funny, badly drawn cartoons called memes which […]